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How much will you save when you quit cardboard?

Hey there,

Did you know there are better, cheaper ways to ship your products than cardboard? Not to mention safer and more environmentally friendly.

Let me show you.

This free evaluation will identify:

  • Your unique, potential cost savings
  • How you can adapt a circular model
  • The amount of water, trees and energy you can save

To discover if your organization is a prime candidate to switch to reusable supply chain packaging, answer a few questions below and we’ll be in touch. It should take 5 mins or less. 

One of LimeLoop’s Sustainable Packaging Experts will be in touch with your completed assessment within a week. 


Environmental Savings


CO2e Emissions
70%+ reduction


Water Use
99%+ reduction


100% reduction

Environmental savings data is based on each reusable package replacing 200 conventional cardboard boxes.

Sustainable Packaging Evaluation