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LimeLoop combines reusable packaging and smart technology to provide you with an efficient, profitable circular supply chain while saying goodbye to single-use packaging.

How It Works

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Pack & Send
Fulfillment assembles packages & sends shipments.
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Ship & Trace
Cases arrive at store in reusable package via carrier of choice.
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Return & Reuse
Fulfillment receives nested reusable packages via carrier of choice.
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UnZip & Nest
Store unzips, unpacks, folds and nests reusable packages for carrier pickup.

Knowing where your products are isn't just a competitive advantage, it's now mission critical

Our reusable packaging platform makes critical product insights, like tracking and temperature, available to you at your fingertips. 

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Reaching your ESG goals should mean savings for both the planet and your budget

Our smart reusable packaging platform will eliminate your company's reliance on single-use packaging, that means eliminate waste; from our planet and your bottom line. 

Double Bottom Line


packaging cost savings

compared to using single-use packaging


retail operations savings

retail store annual savings improved employee experience and safety


single-use plastic

when using reusable packaging rather than single-use boxes with plastic tape and labels


fewer carbon emissions

when compared with single-use cardboard boxes in addition to water and land use savings

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Think outside the single-use box

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Reuse Results

Reduce Costs

Your packaging budget goes further with reuse. 

Impact Goals

One step closer to your sustainability mission.

Order Efficiency

Critical visibility into your supply chain.

Better Experience

Designed for easy pack outs and unloading.

Rethink Your Supply Chain

Chat with a Reusable Packaging Specialist to learn more about how you can ditch the cardboard.